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International Self-Care Day

First Steps of Self Care

With July coming to a close, we come upon International Self-Care Day. International Self-Care Day is a holiday celebrating the importance of taking care of yourself. This includes the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of your health. This can include simple things such as just brushing your teeth, or washing your face, or even just simply cleaning your house. The activities can range solely depending on what helps you.

What Is Encompassed in The Term Self Care

Self-care can vary from person to person, but there are also very simple aspects to it. Simply making sure your house is clean, brushing your teeth twice a day, exercising, eating better, etc. Just doing what is best for you is all a part of self-care. There can also be an emotional side to self-care, such as coming to terms with things that may have happened, or possibly grieving over loved ones. Some even struggle with issues more on the mental side such as PTSD. Self-care isn't always easy, but you know it's always for the best.

Why You Need to Take Care of Yourself

Physical Health

It's important to take care of your body physically. You should always make sure you are drinking enough water to stay completely hydrated, as well as watch what you are eating. Your body is a well-tuned machine, you should always try to give it the best fuel you can. You have to watch your hygiene as well, being unhygienic will expose you to infection, and disease.

Mental Health

Mental health is one of the biggest burdens for many people. When mental health starts to nosedive, it can even impact your physical health. Many people suffer undue stress from depression or anxiety and in lots of cases even both. Some suffer psychologically from PTSD, which is a mental disorder that is very challenging to deal with. Regardless of how bad you have it Mental health is of the utmost importance for everyone. You can't have a good day if you don't take care of your mental.

Emotional Health

One of the most common struggles, especially in young adults is their emotional health. Many simply don't know how to talk about their feelings, and some struggle with asking for help. It all usually links back to some type of event that traumatized them in a way. For example, someone who gets made fun of for asking questions as a child may be more hesitant to ask for help later in life. It doesn't only affect young adults though, it affects everyone. Whether it be tough love life, loneliness, grief, or anything that can throw your emotions for a loop, can make your life seem terrible.

The main similarity between these

There is a couple of similarities between all of the different types of mental health. There is that if you aren't taking care of yourself in one of those departments, the others will tend to suffer as well. All of these will become a massive burden to you, they will make your life far harder than it already was.

All of these struggles tend to "buddy up together". if you struggle with one, there's a good chance you'll struggle with another. Especially when more than one of these may impact you at once, you may be set up for one of the most challenging times of your life. Mental and emotional struggles tend to walk hand in hand, once you stop caring about yourself then your physical will tend to go as well. It is a deadly trifecta that will leave your darkest days blacker than night. As well as dim the good ones by raining on your parade and leaving you feeling hollow.

How and Why We Care

All of us at Bio-One Flagstaff got into the career we have chosen for the same reason, one way or another. This reason is the simple fact that we at Bio-One Flagstaff truly want to help people. We love to help people and are a company that makes sure you feel our support in your times of need. We truly care about our customers. This is crucial because the fact of it is when someone calls us, odds are it is one of the hardest, most traumatic days of their lives. Regardless of what someone calls us for, it is always hard simply to make the call. It takes immense strength to make the call, it's never easy to ask for the help you need, much less in such a traumatic situation.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to us at any time. We are always here to help.

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