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Bio-One AZ Law Enforcement Grant Open Statewide

Bio-One AZ Law Enforcement Grant

$5,000 Grant Recipient Chosen By The Public




Bio-One is known for helping people during crisis, such as homicide, suicide and hoarding. What you may not know, is that we give back to our communities as much as we can, as often as we can. With that, we are pleased to announce the Bio-One AZ Law Enforcement Grant.


This grant is a chance for us to say "Thank you" to all of the agencies who protect our communities.  We made the grant simple and easy to access. The following is all the information you will need for grant and voting. 


Grant Information


The 2020 Bio-One AZ Law Enforcement Safety Grant is a statewide grant that is available for all law enforcement agencies to apply for. The purpose of the grant is to provide 1 law enforcement agency in the state of Arizona with $5,000 in funding to help with safety equipment, safety training, or anything in between. The grant recipient will be decided by the public, not by Bio-One. Because Bio-One works with multiple law enforcement agencies, any Arizona Bio-One office or employee of an Arizona Bio-One office will not be eligible to vote. All voting is done through the survey monkey link provided on the Bio-One AZ Law Enforcement Grant Facebook page. No other voting platforms are available or will be accepted. At Bio-One we believe in “Help First, Business Second” so it goes without saying, we want to give back to those in our community who put their lives on the line to keep us safe.




1st Place

 $5,000 grant from Bio-One which can be used for anything safety related. That can be equipment, training, or anything in between.

2nd and 3rd Place

Brats and Burgers catered BBQ. Bio-One will have a BBQ catered at your precinct for all the law enforcement. Date is TBD




Step 1: Law Enforcement departments must submit a Word document or PDF stating the law enforcement name, location, contact information, a write up why they could use the grant and a picture of the department. All submissions need to be sent to (undecided at this point) and received by April 20th, 2020. Once your submission has been received, you will get an email confirmation. This submission, minus all the contact information, will be put onto the Bio-One AZ Law Enforcement Grant Facebook page for the public to read about your department to help them with their voting decision.

Step 2: On April 24th, 2020, all submissions will be listed on the Bio-One AZ Law Enforcement Grant Facebook page for the public to view.

Step 3: Invite people to view the page, share the page, try to gain some traction for your department

Step 4: May 1st-May 31st, 2020 voting will be open to the public. There will be a link on the Bio-One AZ Law Enforcement Grant Facebook page to vote. You can share it on your law enforcement page, personal page, email it out, etc. Gain as many votes as you can!

Step 5: June 1st, 2020, the winners will be contacted via phone by Bio-One and work out a time to bring the grant to the law enforcement office.



How to Vote


Go to the Bio-One AZ Law Enforcement Grant Facebook page and read through each of the nominee’s post about what they will use the grant for. Once you have read through all the nominees, click on the pinned post which will guide you to the voting platform. Click on the law enforcement agency you would like to see receive the grant and you will get a prompt that your vote has been received. Share the page and tag your friends and family to help the law enforcement agency you would like to receive the grant get more votes. 




For questions you can send us a private message on the Bio-One AZ Law Enforcement Grant page, or you can reach out to the organizers.


Rebecca Wallace 928-863-8276, 480-276-4061 or email at


David or Caroline Scott 520-771-5960 or email at 


At Bio-One we are not only committed to helping people during some of their most difficult times, but also thanking those who keep our communities safe. Thank you for helping us thank the law enforcement agencies who serve and protect our communities every single day.  



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